Fallen Angel Development update #last one

It is near! After ~2.5 years of development, Fallen Angel will see the release of v1.00 this month. With the release of the last demo a few days ago, basically all content is in the game. I have nothing major planned that needs to be added. I want to look at the last Boss again […]

Fallen Angel Development Update #71

This is a short update, because I’m totally pooped. These last days have been very exhausting. Nevertheless, I was able to sneak in some work on Fallen Angel and today present to you: the last Demo before v1.00! http://www.mediafire.com/file/ox87n8u83llzfcx/Fallen_Angel_v36.rar/file As usual, Password is up on Patreon. Check the Patreon Q&A if you have questions. The final Boss […]

Some announcements

Let’s talk! There have been some developments in my real life recently that will also affect the development of my games, so today I bring you news! How about we start with the usual update on Fallen Angel: I’ve finished the Arena and all basic Animations for the final Boss’ second phase and currently work […]

Fallen Angel Development update #70

New demo for this month, download link here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rqzpn8pnidm2p3p/Fallen_Angel_v35.rar/file As usual, Password is up on Patreon. Check the Patreon Q&A if you have questions. Final Boss (1st phase) is now completely implemented. You will find her after the 2 floors of the Cathedral. This Boss includes: 6 Sex animations, 1 Reverse animation, 1 Game Over Screen All […]

Fallen Angel Development update #69

Time to talk about the final Boss! Like with all Bosses I’m going to give you a short overview over the design and attacks, but if you don’t want to get spoiled (it’s the final Boss, after all), I’m going to include the interesting bits in this post after the “read more”-line. Just some additional […]

Fallen Angel Development update #68

New Demo, yay! https://www.mediafire.com/file/r14eg319dul2nq9/Fallen_Angel_v34.rar/file As usual, Password is up on Patreon. Check the Patreon Q&A if you have questions. And with this, the little “detour” is complete. As you requested, I’ve made Game Over Screens for the other half of the enemies as well. 15 new ones, bringing the total up to 36. This update also includes […]

Fallen Angel Development update #67

Just a short update this time, no fancy pictures. I’ve read all your comments and the vast majority of you prefers Game Over Screens for every enemy, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Might as well get this done before starting working on the final Boss, seeing that I’m already in the flow of doing […]

Fallen Angel Development update #66

A new day, a new demo! Possibly the second-to-last one? https://www.mediafire.com/file/nb9n8lzowka3idz/Fallen_Angel_v33.rar/file As usual, Password is up on Patreon. Check the Patreon Q&A if you have questions. The theme this time around is “personality”! The game now has an opening-sequence, depicting how Marielle fell from grace and why she went to the Tower. I had to create a […]

Fallen Angel Development update #65

Hey there, looks like a few bugs managed to sneak in the last demo, but nothing too major. Seems like my playtesting paid off for the most part. Glad you’re enjoying the new modes! It’s been some time since I last talked about what’s left for the game, and as the last Area and the […]

Fallen Angel Development update #64

What kind of sorcery is this? Not even two weeks, and already a new Demo? You bet it is! Get it here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lbkgrmxm68a2a4y/Fallen_Angel_v32.rar/file As usual, Password is up on Patreon. Check the Patreon Q&A if you have questions. While this Demo doesn’t include any new animations, it has most likely the most new gameplay-elements. It includes the […]

Fallen Angel Development update #63

Nobody in the past 4 weeks asked me when the next demo will come out, that’s a new record! I’m so proud of you, lol. https://www.mediafire.com/file/gnqn07kyrm0xzal/Fallen_Angel_v31.rar/file As usual, Password is up on Patreon. Check the Patreon Q&A if you have questions. This new demo includes the long-in-the-works orgy. And phew, this was a piece of work. Usually […]

Fallen Angel Development update #62

CHANGE OF PLANS! BUT NOTHING MAJOR, SO NO NEED TO PANIC! Long story short, I fucked up my schedule a bit, so now I’m switching around some of the content for this demo with content from the next demo. Slightly longer version: I originally planned to release the orgy this month, followed by the postgame […]

Fallen Angel Development update #61

It is Easter! There is no better time than this to talk about Bunny-Girls, if you ask me. While I had to take a few days break from developing Fallen Angel, I was able to get a good chunk of work done this weekend. It’s finally time to get the last event into the Love-Room, […]

Fallen Angel Development update #60

Let’s go, another big checkmark done! https://www.mediafire.com/file/hgeor7478gm73ba/Fallen_Angel_v29.rar/file Password is up on Patreon. Check the Patreon Q&A if you have questions. The last Area is completely integrated into the game now, with 6 unique enemies and 6 different level-layouts. As it is the last Area of the game before the final Boss, and you (shortcuts aside) need […]

That one topic everyone is talking about

It is a really weird time right now. I’ve never imagined I’d see a day where my colleagues at work, my family, and streamers from another part of the world all talk about the same topic, day in and day out. As is the case for many of you, the new virus dictates a lot […]

Fallen Angel Development update #59

Hey there, it’s me again with another update on how things are going. I’ve pretty much finished up the Cherub. All basic animations, attacks and stuff like that are done, also the Sex-animation of course, and currently I’m working on the reverse animation. The flying masks were a bit more work than I anticipated (mainly […]

For those of you experiencing slowdowns

First of all: if v028 works fine for you, you can completely ignore this post. For those of you who encounter slowdowns or even crashes, try this download and tell me if it fixes your problem: https://www.mediafire.com/file/veh5p757d6u5fcc/Fallen_Angel_v028a.rar/file The password is unchanged from the initial v028. There is also no new content here, but as I […]

Fallen Angel Development update #58

New day, and time for a new demo! I was actually considering releasing this last week already, but since I want to finish the Cathedral-Area with the next update (sans the Boss, of course), I needed to make a few more things to even the size of the updates a bit. So, what’s new? Like […]

Fallen Angel Development update #57

Hey, it’s me again. A bit of an boring update this time around, but I wanted to keep you up-to-date nonetheless. New PC arrived, and now everything is working as intended again. I needed to order an additional cable, which delayed the setup by a few days, but all in all that was just a […]

Fallen Angel Development update #56

Unfortunately a bit later than I hoped for, but here nonetheless, the new demo: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t14f45x3c3km9mq/Fallen_Angel_v27.rar/file Due to some unforeseen additional work at my job I wasn’t able to work as much on Fallen Angel in the last 2 weeks as I wanted to, so it’s a bit late. The new demo includes a new test […]

Fallen Angel Development update #55

Phew, making some good progress here. New Demo will probably be up sometime next week, with probably two enemies for the last Area finished. After talking about the background last time, today I want to talk about the enemies you’ll encounter here. Like I said earlier, there won’t be any new tentacles in this Area. […]

Fallen Angel Development #54

Toffi here, with a short update to wish you all a Happy new year 2020! Hope you guys stay safe and healthy! I have a lot planned for this year, but for now let’s see Fallen Angel pass the finish line. We’re getting there, work on the last Area is going smoothly. I’ve spent the […]

Fallen Angel Development update #53

Hey guys and girls! I wish you a Merry Christmas! Hopefully you’ll get lots of presents! Before I’m taking a few days off to relax for the holiday: here is the new demo! https://www.mediafire.com/file/pbccdoeh1fybsbx/Fallen_Angel_v26.rar/file As usual, password is up on Patreon, check out my Patreon Q&A if you have any questions. Most of the new stuff that’s […]

Fallen Angel Development update #52

Hope you’re all enjoying the new Boss! A short update this time to bring you up to speed with my plans. Before starting work on the last Area, I wanted to include some quality-of-life stuff that has (partly) been requested for a while. First of all, the Factory-Area now has 12 different layouts, so it’s […]

Fallen Angel Development update #51

Octavia is now in the game and can be encountered at the End of the Factory-Area. Get the new demo here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/twb61xcvl35ghuv/Fallen_Angel_v25.rar/file As usual, password is up on Patreon, check out my Patreon Q&A if you have any questions. And with that, the Factory-Area is (pretty much) completely done. Give it a spin, and tell me what you […]

Fallen Angel Development #50

Let’s talk a bit about the Boss for the Factory-Area! Meet Octavia, and jesus-christ-how-horrifying. Continuing on with the theme of Machine-meets-Girl, Octavia encompasses everything the other two Monstergirls introduced, and turns it up a notch. She doesn’t have any organic limbs; instead of human-legs, she has two clawed mechanical legs, lifting her high above the […]

Fallen Angel Development update #49

Phew, right on time. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3s9qch5q89db1md/Fallen_Angel_v24.rar/file Password is up on Patreon, check out my Patreon Q&A if you have any questions. This is a big one! The Factory-Area can now be accessed without cheats, and there are several different level-layouts to make it a fully playable area. At the moment there are 9 unique-layouts, I’ll add 3 more […]

Fallen Angel Development #48

You know the drill, new Demo is up: https://www.mediafire.com/file/yhcfe7z5ixgmz9b/Fallen_Angel_v23.rar/file And as always: Password is up on Patreon, check out my Patreon Q&A if you have any questions. The Sentinel and the Mechanic are now included in the game and can be encountered in the Test-Area I included last time. Aside from the reverse-animations for the Sentinel and […]

Fallen Angel Development update #47

Thanks for the feedback on my last post. Seems like you guys like the size of the updates as they are now, so I’ll keep it that way for future releases as well. Speaking of future releases, some of you are wondering when the v1.00 will come out and how far I’m into the game […]

Fallen Angel Development update #46

New Demo is up, and includes the first part of the Factory content. Get it here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t3i0uh62cr1jsxm/Fallen_Angel_v22.rar/file Password is up on Patreon, check out my Patreon Q&A if you have any questions. The Guard and the Scorpion are now both finished and can be fought in a Test-Area. Each brings two new Sex-Animations into the game (1 normal […]