This is a goddamn flippity flop dankity donk nightmare

I recommend increasing the zoom of the browser to 150% or more, this text is very small and I can’t change it, and I don’t want to change the theme, I like this one a lot. Dumb Life News In boring stupid news, I moved to a new place at the beginning of the year, […]

Space Stuff Again

Hello, what’s going on here? This hasn’t been shut down by the corporate overlords? Weird. Anyway, thanks everybody for your words of encouragement, I appreciate it… the world still sucks tho… so there’s that small inconvenient, you don’t have to worry about me, I’m stupid. Sooooooooooooooooooo, I bring bad news… or good depending on your […]

Uptaded Gameplay Demo

This is a more complete gameplay test demo, no real content yet, the main thing is the battle, but it’s looking like a real game at this point, I think. Download Controls: Cursor Keys = Move X = Ok Z = Back / Open Menu Q = Restart P = Debug Info who cares Some […]

Very Early Demo

Hey, today I bring a very very early demo just to let you know I’ve been doing things, it’s very early so there’s only one screen and couple of very early mechanics, did mention is very early? Download Here Press Enter then use the arrow keys to change armor for girl, there’s only a couple […]


Sorry for the delay, things have been going on, first here’s some stuff:   I’m not entirely convinced of what I’m doing, nothing looks solid right now, the ideas are mostly fine, but the workflow and time are not the best, especially because I’ve decided to complicate my life even more and try to do […]

Planning next thing…

Hello, First of all I want to thank all for your support, those of you who bought the game and those of you who waited patiently for so long, thanks. So, also first of all, there were some things I said I was, maybe, going to do, like the new game plus and harder difficulty, […]

Update 1.07

Download Page I hate doing so many revisions, especailly since the whole thing needs to be downloaded again, but hopefully this is the last one unless there’s a major problem (there probably is) and before the Dlsite version, which I haven’t had the time to work on so far. Heres a list of the last […]

No Update yet

Hello nerds, Sorry I’ve been very very distracted because I’ve been having Paypal problems (because of course), so I’ve had to deal with that, I don’t think it’s anything serious, just standard procedures, but some information is not being taken super easily, Ironically Patreon seems like a good option now (yes I know, shut up). […]

Update 1.02 (Update 1.05)

Please download this executable; this should fix the most serious issues found in 1.01 (1.02 and 1.03) Ghost Hunter Vena 1.05 Update 3: Sorry for this one, 1.05 fixes some map errors and a critical one where the map stopped working completely, it only fixes these map errors, if you don’t feel like downloading the […]

Ghost Hunter Vena 1.0 — Full Release (1.01 Update)

Well here it is. Ghost Hunter Vena 1.01 I really hope there are no bugs or glitches, please let me know if you find any to update within the following days or as fast as possible if they are serious. So it’s finally done, for now I won’t ramble too much since that’s not what […]

Release date, final details, pricing and stuff

Release is going to be hopefully by the end of next week, what I’ve been doing is testing and finalizing details and I want to give it at least one more week, I say hopefully because there’s one big problem and that’s the FPS drop that I’ve had since last time and haven’t been able […]